Bookmarking pages

Most web browsers allow you a quick way to return to a web page you have viewed before, by creating a “bookmark” for the page. The next time you want to go to that page, you only have to select it from your list of bookmarked pages. Here’s how to do this in some common browsers.

Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator

The fastest way to bookmark a page in both of these browsers is just to type Ctrl+D if you are a Windows user, or Command+D if you use a Mac. (In other words, hold down the Control or Command key while you press the D key.)

It’s quick, but there is a downside: you don’t get to choose a “name” for the bookmark. In Netscape, after adding the bookmark this way, you can type Ctrl+B (Windows) or Command+B (Mac) to open the Manage Bookmarks window where you can select your bookmark, click on the Edit menu, then choose Bookmark Properties to rename your bookmark whatever you wish. (More recent versions of Netscape have a toolbar with a Rename option, which saves you going through the Edit: Bookmark Properties route.)

In Internet Explorer, you can click on the Favorites menu, then choose Organize Favorites. Select your bookmark, then hit the Rename button to rename it as you wish.

Alternatively in IE, instead of using the keyboard shortcuts, you can choose Add to Favorites from the Favorites menu. You will get the opportunity to name your bookmark whatever you want from the start.


To add a bookmark to Opera’s Hotlist, just type Ctrl+T (Windows users) or Command+T (Mac users). When the Bookmark Properties dialogue box pops up, fill in your chosen name for the bookmark (Opera will already have suggested one from the page title, where available), and click the OK button.

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Other browsers and platforms

Sorry, you’ll have to consult the browser’s Help file!

This page was last modified on Thursday, February 26, 2009