Copyright statement

It might be a little presumptuous of me to suppose that anyone would want to steal anything they find on this site, but let me remind you anyway: unless I indicate otherwise, all text, images and other stuff you find on DECEMBER14.NET are my work and are © 2001-2003, Keith Bell. All rights reserved, except where explicitly stated.

By “except where explicitly stated”, I mean this: there are some pages on this site where I give things away — blog templates, bits of code, techniques or such like — where the precise intention is to allow you to use or copy the material. In these cases, I will make this intention clear, one way or another. If there is no such explicit statement, then you may not copy, redistribute, or make derivative works from the material. That would be breaching my copyright, and that’s naughty. So there.

Some materials — like blog templates, for example — will have conditions attached to their use, probably in the form of a licence. Please read and make sure you understand and agree to the terms of the licence before using the materials.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon may have suggested that property is theft, but that shouldn’t invite theft of property — which includes intellectual property…

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