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Sunday, December 23, 2001 ↓


Consider this (true) story, which I picked up from the null device:

A 15-year-old boy is terminally ill with cancer. He knows he doesn’t have very long to live, and he has a dying wish. It is not to go to Disneyland or to meet his favourite actor, rock or sports star but it is this: he wants to make love to a woman.

What should his carers do? What did they do? Find out.

Were they right?

I reckon so.

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was the point contact transistor, and it was first demonstrated by Walter Brattain to his bosses at Bell Telephone Labs on this day in 1947. He recorded the event in his lab notes the following day: Page 1, Page 2.

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Undoubtedly investigators will want to establish whether the man who tried to blow up a flight from Paris to Miami has connections with al-Qaeda or not. I rather doubt it; compared with the efforts of September 11 it seems relatively amateur. I suspect he falls more into the “lone nutter” category.

Meanwhile we Brits will be concerned by the fact that he was travelling on a British passport — however the name Richard Reid doesn’t square particularly well with his appearance, so the document may well have been stolen, modified or faked. We know there are some British citizens with sympathies for bin Laden and his movement, but any of them who act on those sympathies should face everything that the law can throw at them. Including removal of their citizenship.

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