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Friday, February 08, 2002 ↓


Over the last few weeks, Jeffrey Zeldman has collected together various techniques for concealing your e-mail address from evil spambots that harvest such things from web pages.

The most effective of these is the address encoder and JavaScript wrapper which Dan Benjamin has kindly made easy for everyone with a neat online tool. But I feel that this method has one major drawback: it doesn’t degrade in browsers that don’t have JavaScript enabled. So I came up with another method which suits me better and which I’ve implemented on this site. Maybe you’ll find it useful too.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002 ↓


A constant factor in my life is that I find things out just too late. Latest example: just yesterday, I signed up for a PayPal account. Granted, it was something I did out of necessity rather than choice, because it was the only way to pay for the new Blogger Pro service. Then today, courtesy of Christina, I hear about the horror stories at NoPayPal. Maybe it’ll be safe if I only use PayPal to make payments, and not receive them.

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It seems like no time at all since Elise Tomek redesigned her site, but Oops! she did it again…

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Anyone been following Chip Rosenthal’s legal battle against one of the most egregious attempts at reverse domain name hijacking? Well, it looks like Round 1 has gone to Chip, after a California judge upheld his motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. I hope for his sake that this order marks the end of it all, but his adversary seems like such a complete tosser that I wouldn’t be surprised if he pursued the matter in the Texas courts now.

Posted at 12:07 PM

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