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Wednesday, March 27, 2002 ↓


Yesterday John Sore Eyes Robinson posted a link to the hilarious Things That My Husband Has Done To (Deliberately) Annoy Me. By way of equally hilarious balance, for those of you who may not have seen it before, may I point you to Mil Millington’s Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About. It must be genetic — I had a German ladyfriend many years ago who could extend trivial arguments for weeks. Infuriating, but curiously lovable.

Oh, and why not read about Mil’s troubles with the Mail on Sunday?

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Barking mad. Absolutely fucking barking. Yet he can command a million man march. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

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Here’s a neat little utility from Ben Hammersley, creator of Gbloogle: The Word-Count-0-Matic. Just what you need if your naff word processor or editor doesn’t do a word count. If you actually want to know how many words you’ve written, that is.

Ben also pointed to this item, reported in a style that somehow only the BBC can. That same BBC page linked to a news item from last year about the death of Beat Uhse (you American/Canuck types probably haven’t heard of her, so read the article). I was immediately transported in my mind back several years to when my buddies Kenny and Ronnie and I visited a Beate Uhse shop in Munich (purely for educational purposes, you know). It was one of the funnier experiences in my life, not least for seeing a girl wearing such a fantastic (in every sense of the word) rent-a-slut outfit I assumed her to be a member of staff. Until I heard her asking an actual member of staff if they had it in a larger size.

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Sometimes I am touched and shamed by the extraordinary kindness people will show to complete strangers. Not to mention trust and lack of cynicism. Such things reaffirm your faith in human nature.

What am I talking about? This.

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One of the downsides to travelling to Gothenburg so much, is the fact that it is the conference capital of Sweden. The biggest conference centre in all of Scandinavia is in that dear city, and when it’s playing host to the larger trade fares, every damned hotel for miles around can be fully booked. The week before last, I think I got the last hotel room in town. The Hotel Örgryte took pity on me and made up a bed in one of their conference rooms. Yes, I spent a night surrounded by tables, chairs, big TV screen, whiteboard, and all the usual paraphernalia you find in such places.

Last week, there was a major travel fare in town, and I went through almost as much grief again trying to get a place to stay for four days. I was a bit luckier this time, though, and got the Very Last Room at the Scandic Crown.

The journey out was a little fraught, beginning with KLM once again kicking me off my flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam, which they had thoughtfully overbooked just to annoy me. I got re-routed through Copenhagen, where the airport staff (baggage handlers, air traffic control, you name it) were on some kind of strike or go-slow. The plane was late in leaving for Gothenburg, and it did so without the baggage having been loaded. Fortunately I had everything with me in the cabin, but the American lady sitting next to me who was on her way to the travel fare was not so lucky.

The week had its compensations, though. Hej, Victoria!

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