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Saturday, July 27, 2002 ↓


An end to the hiatus:

Blog: “Look at the date on that last entry, man. What’s going on? You don’t write, you don’t call — don’t you love me any more?”

Keith: “I don’t love you any less…”

Blog: “That’s not an answer, smartass.”

Keith: “OK then — I’ve just been too worn out.”

Blog: “Hmmph!”

Keith: “No really, it’s true. Work and travel over the last few months just took their toll on me. There’s been no shortage of stuff I’ve wanted to write about, but whenever I’ve had the inclination, I haven’t had the time, or when I’ve had the time, I haven’t had the energy. Look at one week last month, ferinstance. It might sound wonderful to you to come home from Sweden on a Thursday evening; to spend Friday preparing for a trip to the USA; to get on the first of three planes at 9 a.m. on Saturday and to endure the whole day travelling (via Manchester, then Atlanta, Georgia) to Orange County in California; to pass Sunday in Palm Springs (OK, so that wasn’t so bad!); to visit a client on Monday and Tuesday; to reverse the flying process on Wednesday and arrive back in Edinburgh on Thursday; and to work at home for a few days before going back to Sweden again the next week — but just try it: it’s not so hot.”

Blog: “Hmmm… I mean, people have noticed, you know? Natalie even listed you as ‘Missing In Action’ under her International Jet Set. And what about me? I felt abandoned.”

Keith: “I know, I know… you’re going to tell me next that you need commitment.”

Blog: “Exactly.”

Keith: “You’re such a drama queen. But I see your point. Just a little.”

Blog: “So what are you going to do about it?”

Keith: “Errr… try harder?”

Blog: “Hmmph!”

But I will try harder. Really.

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