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Friday, November 01, 2002 ↓


Though probably not to you. Just ignore me. I’m playing with w.bloggar.

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Sunday, October 27, 2002 ↓


More archive strangeness. I remarked recently how I ended up with two entries for November 2001 listed in my archives, one of which actually pointed to the December file. Well, not any more. After publishing the last time, I’m back to one entry for November, which of course points to the December archive. I suppose there’s no point in me mentioning that December isn’t listed at all. Ho hum.

Meanwhile, I’ve been tinkering with another little project that will be appearing here soon. It ought to have been a quick and simple thing, but then the browsers bit me. It’s small wonder that most of the table-less, all-CSS layouts around these days are little more than straightforward two- or three-column affairs. Doing anything even slightly more complex tends to throw up the bugs or holes in CSS rendering exhibited by different browsers, which, of course, are different from browser to browser. And version to version. And platform to platform.

Anyway, more of that later. I’m off to Sweden in a few hours, if the gales battering the country at the moment haven’t screwed up flight schedules too much.

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