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Thursday, December 18, 2003 ↓

The best of British

The results of The Guardian’s second British blog awards were published today.

I’d say you either love these award things or hate them, but that can’t be true — because I’m indifferent. Anyway, good to see Phil Gyford get some recognition for the excellent Pepys’ Diary.

Posted at 6:19 PM

Things that land in my inbox

Amongst the usual invitations to enlarge my penis, buy Viagra without a prescription and get a low-rate mortgage, this unexpected and unprompted e-mail message arrived from a namesake, a Dr. Keith Bell:

Actually, I’m a sports psychologist. Although I work with athletes, coaches, and teams in all sports, I specialize in working with swimmers and swimming teams.

And that was all he wrote.

I was a bit puzzled, as the structure of the message suggested it was written in response to a question. Then out of the depths of my recollection came an old blog post (2002-10-25) in which I’d been checking out other Keith Bells on the Web. I’m guessing he must have read this post, where I had a bit of gentle fun with the description of Dr. Keith Bell as the world’s first swimming psychologist (which came from his own SwimDoc web page).

Well, Doc, if you’d rather be known as a sports psychologist than a swimming psychologist, I’m happy to set the record straight. You didn’t half test my memory, though.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ↓

Architectural eyesore of the month

The first impression I had when looking at a photograph of the new Ontario College of Art & Design classroom and studio was that it was some kind of Photoshop fake, but apparently not.

Sadly, this is the work of a British architect. Long may he continue to accept commissions abroad.

(Spotted by Daniel Burka.)

Posted at 10:40 AM

Just Xmas

I smell of Jack Daniels and urine

For all those people like me, who leave it too late to send Christmas cards (especially to far-flung corners of the world — sorry again, Aussies!) Lance “I used to be a glassdog” Arthur offers us a special selection we can send to those we have forgotten or thus far ignored:

Just rifle through them until you come to one that fits your own mood and opinion about this wonderful time of year, and then you can share it with friends and relations around the world!

Do what the man says at Just Xmas.

Posted at 10:08 AM

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